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1967 Kawasaki A7 Avenger 350
- Asking $10,500.00

Early numbers matching machine

Frame # A7-00308
Engine # A7E00331

Clear title in my name


Frame off restoration - 1967 Kawasaki A7 Avenger 350

Powder coated frame, swingarm and kickstands
New steering head bearings and races
New swingarm bushings

Cylinders are w/ 1st oversize (0.20) Genuine Kawasaki pistons
New needle bearings
New circlips and wristpins
Crank, rods and seals were checked for proper clearances - all in excellent condition

Carbs gone through 100%
New needle jets,
Jet needles,
float valve assy's and
Floats and gaskets
Has my own carb needles
(and also includes NOS stock needles as well)

New engine seals, o-rings and gaskets

New Genuine Kawasaki clutch plates (steel & fiber)
Transmission completly checked and gone through
Oil pump seals replaced - no leaks.

New wheel bearings

New Genuine Kawasaki cables - (all of them)

New fork seals & fluid
Fork lowers were rechromed

New OEM Kawasaki footpeg rubbers

New Genuine Kawasaki spokes

New Genuine Kawasaki grips

Rechromed parts
Tank panels
Rear fender
Fork lowers
Tail light mount
Rear brake pedal
Chain adjusters
Both wheels - still shows the correct date codes.

Brand new NOS Kawasaki parts
Levers and switch housings
Choke lever assy
Front fender and fender brace, NOS kawasaki screws
Headlamp lens/bulb assy
Fuel petcock - Brand new NOS
All NOS engine case covers w/original factory paint
All new engine case studs holding cases together.
Front exhaust pipes
Exhaust ring nuts
Muffler stingers (tail pieces)
All rubber parts, footpegs, kickstart and shift lever ... all NOS Kawasaki.
Headlamp bolts, seat bolts... all genuine Kawasaki.
All cables correct - none are superceded replacements

Every part, nut, bolt, and fastener was scrutinized and either refinished, or replaced with the correct part.

The negative items
Seat foam should be replaced.
Speedometer/Tachometer from A1 250 - **Actual Mileage is unknown**

Non-Kawasaki parts

Wheel bearings

Reproduction mirrors

Shorai lithium battery

***I can help load the bike onto your shipper's truck if needed.***

***I can store the bike for 30 days at no charge as long as it's paid in full.***

If you need additional photos, just call and ask.

***Photos are very large so you can see it up close
Just zoom out your browser to make them smaller
(Ctrl +) or (Ctrl -)
























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