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Here are just a few reviews taken from my facebook page...

Messages are not responded to on facebook - You still need to use the phone when contacting us.

Walt Hicks reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — 2015 Concours 14
5 star
May 28th 2018 ·

I rode 5 hours to visit Ivan’s shop and demo his flash to compare with my current Shoodaben flash.
I ended up leaving with Ivan’s and can say that I’m done looking for a flash for my 2015 Kawasaki Concours 14.

This tune greatly impressed me as I was able to have back to back 5 hour runs for easy comparison.
This bike just can’t get any better. Not bad for a 10 plus hour day in the saddle.

The biggest thing that immediately impressed me was how smooth the engine felt.
Any buzzing or vibration that was felt through the grips before was just about gone. I had no issues with buzzing through the bars for the 5 hour ride home.
I actually found myself gripping too tight, especially through many triple digit sweepers… yes it’s that smooth.
The engine just seems happy spooling up to red line letting you know it’s a sport bike with greatly improved power delivery.
By improved power delivery I mean it pulls harder and more predictable than before.

Cruising around town is easy and smooth. No jerkiness like before, and the power is so smooth between 2k and 5k.
This engine now feels way more refined and dialed in compared to stock and other tunes I have had.
I wish more people could compare the differences between other tunes and Ivan’s like I have.
My exhaust even sounds less raspy as though there is increased efficiency about it and maybe even quieter if that’s possible, most likely because I am using less throttle.
This bike just got more enjoyable!

I do want to add that Ivan let me demo his C14 with the full Area P exhaust and tune.
I was blown away with the power and light throttle. I am not ruling out the upgrade from my slip on but we’ll see…
Great work Ivan!

By the way I had to submit this via my wife’s page because mine did not have any option to leave a review.

Walt Hicks


Scott Sheaffer reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — 2015 Concours 14 & VN1700 Classic
5 star

November 15· 2017

I just had my 2015 Concours 14 flashed by Ivan's. I went out for a quick test ride and ended up being gone for several hours. The bike runs cooler, smoother, with a whole new authority. It makes power everywhere and the midrange, in particular, is just incredible.

My very first impressions were driveability like a spotlessly tuned carbureted bike. There is cohesiveness between the throttle, motor, and chassis. There is authority and tightness in the exhaust note, but it is not louder. Engine braking is reduced and the transition from zero throttle to barely on is very much like carbureted. This character remains in all the gears. The stock bike was not bad, but this is a whole other level.

This is my second ECU flash from Ivan. My Vulcan 1700 Classic after the flash runs (much) cooler, smoother, with an ease to it that is just "right". (I went through just about everything to get that bike to run well before I discovered Ivan's ECU flash.)
Like others have said, Ivan is knowledgeable, available, and clearly cares about what he is doing.

I've ridden and raced and worked on my own motorcycles for 30 years and I don't know of any tuning trick or part or service that comes close to the results Ivan's delivers for the money.

John Ey
reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — 2008 Concours 14 & 2014 ZX14R
5 star
October 17·

First off let me start by saying how informative Ivan is & always so helpful in answering all of my questions. I've had Ivan flash my ECU on my 2014 Kawasaki ZX-14R. Drivability & power are awesome!! What a difference!!

Just recently had Ivan flash my ECU on my 2008 Kawasaki Concours 14.
The best flash I've had by far!! I've had pretty much everybody's flash & wasn't happy until Ivan came out with his flash.
Would never go any where else again. Ivan's customer service is outstanding, he called 2 days after I received my ECU to see how my bike ran & how I liked it. AWESOME.

Thank you Ivan.

Kevin Hager reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — 2017 Concours 14
5 star
October 1· 2017

I got the ECU flash on my bone stock 2017 Kawasaki Concours 14. I called beforehand and Ivan answered all my questions, and described a little bit about what I can expect with the bike after the flash. Turnaround time was about an hour after he received it from fedex.I finally got a chance to ride it after the weather cleared up and went out and put about 150 miles on it. The flash performs beyond my expectations, more power everywhere, but especially in the low-mid range, pulls harder coming out of the same corners, in the same gear as it did before, but the biggest surprise to me was the smoothness, very slight throttle changes, produce instant results, no hesitation anywhere, not a hiccup one, and a lot less decel during gear changes.

Roland J Cannon reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — 2017 Concours 14 & 2011 Z1000SX Ninja
5 star
August 31 · 2017

The Concours 14 reflash as well as the Ninja 1000 flash, second to none. Fast service, and perfection in tuning.

John Milligan reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — 2009 Kawasaki Voyager 1700
5 star
June 25 · 2017

I have read so many positive reviews on Ivan's I thought I would risk Taking off the Power Commander V Fuel controller that was installed on the bike when I bought it used (so throwing away that $400.00 investment that the previous owner made and also risk sending my ECU computer all the way across country to Ivan's. The ECU was back in my 2009 Kawasaki Voyager in less that a week from removal and I was back riding the following weekend with a huge grin every time I whacked open the throttle and saw that I had 1/4 tank of gas remaining at 160 miles when the low fuel light usually came on. WOW I am sure glad I did this!

Kenneth Threet reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — 2015 Kawasaki Z1000SX Ninja
5 star
September 2 -2017

Purchasing a bike with a known throttle issue and only having forum comments and Facebook posts that this little shop in N.Y. can fix it had me a bit concerned at the risk to say the lest. After not being able to disprove his product, and Ivan himself answering the phone and talking to me for what had to be 10 minutes I pulled the trigger and very shortly after sent in the ECU. Tracking let me know they shipped it back the same day it was received, wich today is almost unheard of.
After reinstalling it I had a hard time believing how much of an improvement it made. I've had this bike from the Gulf of Texas to over 14000 feet at the peak of Mt Evans in Colorado with out hiccup for a total of 21500 miles in just over a year now and am so glad I trusted in others.
Can't thank Ivans performance enough for the excellent work and look forward to their new releases. HMM,...HMMM... Hint!!! 2017 N1K please?Kenneth.
2015 N1K


Jon Johnson reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — Kawasaki Vulcan 1700
5 star
September 20 - 2017

Sent out my ECU last week. Have ridden over 600 miles already from sea level to over 8000 feet. Bike performance far exceeds anything I thought possible. Performance is incredible. Mileage has increased. I was very skeptical about sending my ECU across the country but wow, IT is worth every penny. Anyone in So Cal with a 1700 Vulcan can contact me and I will meet you so you can see how great this bike runs now. K&N air filter, Cobra exhaust. No power commander, just Ivan's remapping. Incredible. Thanks Ivan!!!!!!!!!!!

Adi Corrales reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — Yamaha Star Stryker 1300
5 star
February 28 2017

Wow is all I can say. I sent my ECU for flashing and the results are superb! Worth every penny and my bike behaves exactly as Ivan's flashing philosophy states. This shall be the first mod that any Star Stryker must do.

Robin Stotz reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — Kawasaki 1700 Vaquero
5 star
May 29 - 2017

Off the charts customer service and superior product, these people deserve more than 5 stars. From Arizona to New York ,reprogrammed and back to Arizona in 1 week flat wow. And this reprogram is like changing my Kawasaki vaquero from an old Harley to a Goldwing. There is so much xtra power and wow is this smooth it is so smooth it even makes the transmission super smooth.

Burtris Bruce Beard reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — ZX14R
5 star
May 28 - 2017

All three of my bikes have been tuned by Ivan. They all run great, I wouldn't change anything.

Matt Flaming reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — Yamaha FZ09
5 star
October 15, 2016 ·

Fixes all the wrong that Yamaha did to the ECU on the FZ09... perfection

Joe Stroud reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — Yamaha FZ09
5 star
May 22, 2016 ·

Ivan flashed my Yamaha FZ-09 for me after I was not happy with the way it ran with another vendors flash.. .save yourself some time, money and aggravation and just get his flash right off the bat..there is really no comparison.

others may be cheaper, but they are cheaper for a reason.


Tom Bumpous reviewed Ivan's Performance Products —
5 star
May 29, 2014 ·

His products do exactly what he says they will do. I've used his well-developed parts for years with total satisfaction. Ivan is the real deal...! If he makes a mod recommendation, just do it because...he knows! He is easily among the best motorcycle tuners anywhere.


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