To all my valued customers:

As a tuner, my philosophy is to find the best combination and recommend it.

My goal is to get maximum power without ruining the motorcycle's 'streetability'. For this reason, I will only consider certain pipe designs. The goal is to make the most powerful running engine for you, the customer. Designs that are finicky or need to be "messed with" on a continual basis are not my style.

When I develop a Carb Kit or fuel and ignition maps, I will actually purchase the motorcycle and spend as much time as needed (with no limitations) to get the results what I feel is as best as it can be. "Better than stock" is just not good enough.

I will not make something available without thorough and complete testing. This process includes 'on the road' as well as extensive dyno time.

All my jet kits are designed for the stock airbox with a stock filter. In the event that an airbox modification is needed, I will include the necessary diagrams and parts to attain the results.