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2011 - 2015 ZX10R Page


A huge gain - Much better than expected !!






Ivan's ® ECU Flash for this model includes: - Available Now!! $350.00 + Return Shipping

I am pleased to announce that I have successfully re-programmed the stock 2011-2015 ZX10R ECU to my own exacting specifications as listed below.

This is the best result in driveability and power anywhere for this model - our proprietary software guarantees it !!

My 2011-2015 ZX10R ECU programming (Re-Flash) includes the following:

My ECU tuning philosophy can be found on this page: ECU PAGE

Testimonials can be found on

When sending your ECU, please print and fill out THIS FORM
I will contact you for your payment after I receive your ECU.

ECU reprogramming may not comply with federal safety/emission laws
ECU reprogramming may not comply with your warranty

1) Speed limiter removal

2) Raise rev-limit 500 rpm - 14,000 rpm

3) Traction control off completely when selected

4) Low gear power limiter removal

5) ECU remembers last traction control setting - so you don't have to mess with it every time you start the bike.

6) Disable Fuel-cut for flawless, smooth throttle control in the corners, and no decel pop when re-applying the throttle.
(Does not interfere with traction control)
our proprietary software guarantees it !!

7) Complete re-curve of ignition timing from idle to redline and all throttle positions

8) Re-program sub-throttles for max power at any rpm and throttle position.

9) My tuning program .
Throttle "quality" is flawless in the corners.... it makes rediculous power and good mileage as well with no flat areas, no matter what you do with the throttle... even at low revs.

10) Cooling fans come on at 200 degrees

Disable Exhaust Servo code - No need for exhaust servo eliminator (EXUP eliminator) - just unplug and be done.

12) My ECU flash for the 2011 - 2015 ZX10R is not the same as others available elsewhere.
It has very specific items that I provide that are exclusive to
our proprietary software
Nothing was left out that would compromise any aspect of performance and/or driveability.

13) Free upgrades when/if I make improvements.
Return your ecu back to stock at no charge for any reason.
(shipping not included)

All testing was done in house

Our Performance Package includes:
(You need to call for pricing please)

1) Full Akrapovic exhaust or any brand slip-ons

2) AK-Kaw3A block-off plate kit

3) Power Commander 5 - includes Ivan's custom map for Ivan's ECU program

4) Re-flashing of your bike's ECU

Also included with purchases from us:
Un-paralleled & personal tech support
Instructions for setting up your PC5 to your bike

Answers to your questions.....



The old stuff

2011 - 2014 ZX10R Page

All Stock 2012 ZX10R Vs. Same Un-restricted (5-15-2012)
(electronic limiter disconnected and exhaust valve servo cables removed)


Click HERE to see how to de-restrict this bike for free

We offer PCV pre-mapped for all full length slip-ons and Akrapovic full systems !!








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