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Suzuki GT380 page

The Test Bike - 1974 Suzuki GT380

Available now !!
See below for features and prices


Suzuki GT380 Sebring / Jet Kit - Available now !!
Suzuki GT380 Sebring
/ Carb Kit
Part #GT3-7273
Part #GT3-7477

Price $210.00
(Sold direct only - no dealers on this one, sorry)

Kit includes:

Custom 5 clip postion, 4 angle needles for a much more precise fuel control.

Brand new needle jets

2 sizes of Genuine Mikuni pilot jets.

5 sizes of Genuine Mikuni OEM main jets.
Setup instructions with suggested settings.

Stainless steel allen head float bowl screws.


The GT380 carburetion improvements are:

No more center cylinder seizures due to excessively lean mixtures

More power at any rpm or throttle position

More power leaving a traffic light

Noticably better/faster response from idle speed and up....

Better full throttle response from 3000 rpm.... pulls top revs longer.

Part throttle much more responsive - much more "zippy"

Smoother and less vibration - like glass smooth

Better fuel mileage

More linear power delivery at all throttle positions





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