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Yamaha 900 Triples
Reviews page

Here are Yamaha 900 Triple reviews taken from my facebook page, private email, and other public sources....

Reviews are in date order...

Comparison reviews are marked with *********


5/28/2019 by Dan (TorqWrench on 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900

The ECU flash from Ivan's Performance did not disappoint!

I re-installed my ECU this weekend and although I didn't get to ride as much as planned I did get a few hundred miles in.
I paid close attention to how the bike performed at all speeds and functions as best as I could before I got the ECU flash and
then did the same after the ECU flash. I did not do any top speed tests or run each gear to redline or anything of that nature,
but I did ride aggressively at times, though I wasn't trying to outrun any MotoGP racers.

Here are my observations...

The bike feels smoother now in all rpm ranges, noticeably smoother. If you think you're happy with the bike as it is from the showroom don't ride one that has Ivan's flash, it will change your opinion.

I can easily stroll through low speed areas (25-35 mph) without the bike feeling like it is searching for the correct fueling.
Before the ECU flash the bike ran almost like it had bad gas when trying to maintain a steady low speed (2nd or 3rd gear in school zones, downtown areas, etc). You may not notice this much with the stock exhaust, but with a aftermarket pipe you will hear and feel this much more.

The throttle cut is no longer an issue. I tried like hell to feel a throttle jerk and I failed miserably (yeah!)

Normally my hands get numb after about 30-45 minutes, I rode 1.5 hours straight with no issues.

Cruise control now works in every gear which is nice when cruising through state parks and other long stretches of low speed areas. (oem settings for cruise only work in 4th, 5th and 6th gear)

I did not try using cruise control over 100 mph yet, but I'm sure it would work fine. Did someone say Autobahn??

Other than the ECU flash, the only other engine/performance mod I have done is a full exhaust. I rode with the baffle/db killer installed, have not ridden with it removed yet (very loud). I will probably try it soon just to see if there's any noticeable differences.

I highly recommend Ivan's ECU flash. I believe he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable tuners available.
I was willing to pay the extra $ for his services. I have nothing against other tuners, I just have no experience with them and don't know how knowledgeable they are . Ivan has been around a while and he has never steered me wrong. This was not my first time purchasing from Ivan and I doubt it's the last time. I have never met the guy in person but he was very polite and answered all my questions and concerns.

I hope this is helpful, feel free to ask questions and keep the rubber side down,



Bruce Goyins recommends Ivan's Performance Products.
Yamaha Tracer 900GT
June 20 2019·

Had my ECU flashed on 2019 Tracer 900GT.

Everything Ivan said the tune would do... it does!

Money well spent.


Te13nnis on Reddit — Yamaha FJ09
1 point ·
April 26, 2019

2015 FJ09, Two Brothers S1R full exhaust system, no fuel tuner. Unplugged my O2 sensor as instructed and I love it.
It made a drastic difference on the twitchy throttle, not only with accelerating but cut off doesn’t make me feel like
I might actually endo.

Better performance, and more responsive.
Not sure if I would get better mileage since I ride a little more on the fun side, but still getting over 40mpg average.
Haven’t noticed any sort of negative effects at this time.

Had it done in September and got in a decent chunk of riding after that but this season will really give me a lot more time with it.
Absolutely worth it in my mind!


Michael Sizemore reviewed Ivan's Performance Products - Yamaha FZ09
5 star
April 15, 2018 ·

I installed my Ivan re-flashed ECU last week on my 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 with its factory original intake and exhaust system,
and took it for a test ride the first nice day.

The engine performance was excellent, and the previously wicked fuel cutoff was completely cured.
The throttle control was greatly smoothed out, and the bike is amazingly more controllable.

I had been considering selling the bike due to its notoriously snatchy throttle roll-off although I like all other aspects of the bike.
Ivan's ECU re-flash has allowed me to extend my ownership of the bike with expectations of fully enjoying it now.

I haven't yet done enough miles to determine what the effect on fuel consumption will be, but the improved drive-ability
will still be worth a couple MPG.


Matt Flaming reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — Yamaha FZ09
5 star
October 15, 2016 ·

Fixes all the wrong that Yamaha did to the ECU on the FZ09... perfection

· 1 Comment

Mitch Vis
I am thinking about sending my ECU to Ivan for my 2016 FZ-09.
Does his flash claim to do all he says it does?
If so I would send out right away because it seems to good to be true.
Do you have the power commander installed or did you leave it out like he claims he can do?

· Reply
Matt Flaming
Ivan's great. No power commander necessary. It will do exactly what he says.


motomania ( — Yamaha FZ09
Senior Member

*******Comparison Review*******

Ivan's Reflash

My FZ09 is one of the first sold as I picked it up in September 2013.

Quite some time ago, maybe 2 years ago, I had Vcyclenut install his reflash on my ECU.
I also added the O2 sensor bypass circuit (or whatever it does) to my bike, per Vcyclenut's recommendation.

Vcyclenut's reflash was good but still had some jerkiness to it.

For the most part, this was not an issue for me.
However, I teach people how to ride and in some of the intermediate courses I teach, I use my motorcycle to ride the demos.
This requires my bike to be very very smooth.
I had use a lot more friction zone than I should have needed to make my bike work smoothly enough for my liking.
Don't misunderstand me, the FZ09/Vcyclenut reflash worked well in street riding but in demonstrating perfect low speed techniques,
it was not smooth enough for me.

I considered sending the ECU back to Vcyclenut as he has further developed his flash and made some improvements.
See the many threads that talk about his latest developments.

Recently, a friend of mine had his FJ09 reflashed by Ivan.
Same friend had previously ridden my reflashed FZ09 and had his own Gen 2 FZ1 reflashed by Ivan.

This friend highly recommended Ivan so I called Ivan and set it all up.

Ivan called me when he received the ECU and we chatted for a few minutes and then he completed the reflash and sent
the ECU back to me.

I finally had a chance to ride on Saturday and it is very very smooth. Almost no hesitation or on-off throttle jerkiness at all.
What little is there is no more than what is present in a very well carbureted bike or a bike with a near perfect fuel map.

I only had a 1/2 hour to ride so I did a lot of very close, tight, slow work, similar to what I do for class demos but more intense and
more difficult.

Sunday, yesterday, I used my bike to teach a class and it was perfect. Very easy to do perfect demos and no more covering over
the jerkiness that remained after my Vcyclenut reflash.

I am NOT saying Vcyclenut's reflash is bad since even the early version of Vcyclenut's reflash that I had was a huge improvement
over the stock ECU maps.

What I am saying is that Ivan's reflash is about as flawless as I think is possible to achieve.
Ivan has been around for a long time and is well known to be a stickler for details and a perfectionist and his FZ09 reflash
has those qualities as well.


kjm (
Yamaha FZ09

Here is my review of Ivan's ECU flash for the FZ-09 which I have been running for about 3000 miles.
Previously my bike had the 2015 updated Yamaha flash, which will be used as the baseline.

Reason for choosing Ivan's Flash vs the competitors

I first became aware of Ivan when I purchased my first gen FZ1 about 5 years ago.
I purchased his MB Jet kit, and later switched to his POD kit.
With both versions the bike ran flawlessly and exactly how he describes on his website.

Over the years I have constantly bombarded Ivan with technical questions which were quite often not even related to his products.
Ivan has always answered quickly and honestly and I have come to know him a straight shooter who will tell it like it is.

I began talking with Ivan about his fix for the FZ-09 and was impressed with what he had to say and knowing that his products work
- the decision was made.

Customer service :

Not much to say here that wasn't mentioned above. I chatted with Ivan and mailed out my ECU.
The ECU was turned around very quickly and I eagerly slapped it in.

Flash Review

My bike is a 2014 with the 2015 updated Yamaha flash. I never rode the bike with original Yamaha flash as I bought it used.
I am still (for a few more days) running the stock exhaust.
Ivan noted his flash can handle 95% of what you throw at it, and fine tuning (if needed) can be done with a fuel controller (PC).
He also mentioned that for his particular bike that the ECU makes a much larger contribution to enjoyment than the exhaust does.
I agree, these bikes don't make a ton of power but with their ample low end torque it's nice to have them as smooth as possible.

One of the options of the flash is to have the bike start up in A mode - which I did.
All comments below relate to the bike in A mode in both cases. Since getting the ECU back I have never tried the other modes.

Throttle response/snatch - We all know this is the biggest issue with this bike

Yamaha Flash

I read a lot about this bike before I bought it, including all the horror stories about they jerky drive by wire throttle.
On my first ride home from the sellers house I didn't think it was ALL that bad until I stopped to put it in A mode, rounded a corner and
got on the gas exiting the corner. The bike acted like a bucking bronco. Coming off my perfectly fuelled throttle cable driven carb'd FZ1 this
was a pretty big difference. I rode the bike around few more times and while getting used to the snatch and adjusting my riding so it was
much less pronounced it was still irritating to say the least.

Ivan's Flash

For me and my own perception the snatch is eliminated. While speaking with Ivan he mentioned the bike will behave as close to a cable
driven bike as a wire throttle bike can - which I took as the possibility that there still may of been some slight niggles in the on/off throttle
transition. Not the case, the bike responds as smoothly and consistently as my perfectly fuelled throttle cable driven carb'd FZ1.
Low speed control and corner exit throttle is MUCH improved.

Power/smoothness/engine braking

Yamaha Flash

I love this motor and with the Yamaha flash there is no shortage of power. To be perfectly fair I didn't ride the bike all that long with the
stock flash before I sent the ECU off. I do remember it coming up easily in first and taking a bit more effort in second but still possible
to power it up.

Lots of vibration and a hell of a lot of engine braking from these triples with the Yamaha flash for sure.

Ivan's Flash

The bike rips now, the lack of snatch combined with the smooth power delivery (and the light front end) makes powering out of corners pure joy.
The bike will EASILY lift in second now and pulls hard to redline - which Ivan raises to 11,600 rpm (+300 from stock).

Vibration is slightly reduced but there is still quite a bit, that's just the nature of the triple.
Engine braking is greatly reduced, providing more relaxed gear changes.

There are many other benefits and features of Ivan's flash, cooling fan comes on earlier, top speed limiter removed,
choose default mode upon start up, AIS valve closed and more.

Ivan's flash is not the cheapest option but it certainly transforms the bike and I highly recommend it if you want to get rid of the
shoddy stock throttle snatch and other issues.

I will be adding the Akra Carbon full exhaust soon and will update this review.
I have no doubt it will make a now awesome riding Ivan's flashed bike - awesome(r)!


Joe Stroud reviewed Ivan's Performance Products — Yamaha FZ09
5 star
May 22, 2016 ·

*******Comparison Review*******

Ivan flashed my Yamaha FZ-09 for me after I was not happy with the way it ran with another vendors flash...
Save yourself some time, money and aggravation and just get his flash right off the bat..there is really no comparison.

Others may be cheaper, but they are cheaper for a reason.

Go back to my


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