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S3 KH400 page

The Test Bike - 1974 Kawasaki S3 400
Carb tuning kit Available now




Kawasaki S3 400 Jet Kit - Available Now !!
Kawasaki S3 400 Carb Kit
Part #S3-7475

Price $210.00
(Sold direct only - no dealers on this one, sorry)

This bike's problem is excessive richness at moderate and full throttle and excessive leanness at very small throttle openings.
(poorly designed stock needles from this time period)

The carb kit that I designed for the S3 400 fixes all of these issues and give this bike an extremely wide powerband with better fuel mileage and much less vibration. It also will leave a traffic light with noticeably more torque.

The kit contains my unique 5 angle needles made from stainless steel and given a mirror finish so they will never wear out, and exact duplicate brass needle jets of Kawasaki's original design. They will give you the widest range of usable power that this engine is capable of delivering
(within it's original design)

The end result is an old bike that runs as well as todays bikes.

The kit contains:

Genuine Mikuni main jet sizes from 90 thru 102.5

Exact duplicate of original Brass needle jets

My exclusive 5 angle needles for fine fuel control at all throttle openings

Pilot jets - 2 sizes

Stainless steel allen float bowl screws

This kit is not for use in KH400 1976-1978
(You will need S3 airbox or pod filters and 2.0 slides)


Kit also includes a list of problem areas associated with this bike and how to minimize these problems during the tuning process.

Your Kawasaki S3 400 will never run better with the stock carbs because I have 3 months in R&D on this kit.

We are a SUDCO dealer and are able to give a good deal on all the parts that they offer for your Kawasaki S3 400.

Seat covers, carb parts, and many many more parts.

We also keep in stock for your S3 400:

Genuine Mikuni needle and seat sets





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