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1999 -2014 XVZ1300 Royal Star Venture Jet Kit

Part # XV13-9900...$130.00 
For off road use only Available Now !!

This kit will dramatically sharpen throttle response as well as add a bunch of power across the entire rpm range. Smoothness/vibration is greatly improved as well as re-application of the throttle mid corner.

The needles in this kit have 5 separate angles ground on them to ensure a precise fuel control under all
throttle conditions.
The stock needles cannot deliver this type of performance due to their purpose of satisfying emission standards.

K&N filters do not affect fueling as long as the airboxes are completely stock and are ok to use in this application without adjusting anything.

All tests were done with both stock and K&N filters.

All tests were done with a completely stock exhaust system.... Nice gains !!

Aftermarket mufflers should give more power than what is shown here.

*Kit contains:
Our signature 5 angle needles
Stainless allen bowl screws

4 sizes of main jets
Needle shim washers for 1/2 step adjustments
Instruction (carb settings/setup) sheet



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