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Timing Retarder Eliminators - (TRE) - DISCONTINUED

Turns itself off when in neutral so idle quality is unaffected.

The "Smart TRE" requires no adjustments to idle speed or fuel mixture to maintain smooth idle quality, it also will not disturb the cold start fast idle quality.

The TRE is a device which allows much better throttle response in the first 4 gears on all EFI Suzuki sportbike models.
It acheives this by bypassing the gear position sensor, and allowing the most optimal ignition map to be used in all the gears.

What the manufacturer has done is to make a SEPARATE IGNITION MAP FOR EACH GEAR.
However, this limits the power and smoothness of your bike in the first 1/2 turn of the throttle in gears 1 through 4.
The design of the ignition mapping does not allow enough timing advance at small throttle openings in the lower gear maps.
Upper gear maps have more advance at small throttle openings and will provide much better driveability.
By applying the upper gear map to all the gears, driveability and response are greatly improved.

The TRE will not give you more power at full throttle on all Suzuki models.

I am the the original inventor of this product and also coined the name as well !!
This product offers a nice improvement to driveability and makes the throttle response more predictable !!

I made them in my shop since 1997 for individual customers bikes TL1000s and GSXR750 models
I first released it to the public in a pre-production sale on in the fall of 1999.... the rest is history !!

My TRE product was tested in all the magazines at one time or another and was always rated with high marks.

I couldn't stand how these particular models ran in traffic. In addition, while going into a curve and closing the throttle in 2nd or 3rd gear the engine would come back with a big jerk when reapplying the throttle. After my TRE installation, gear changing was much smoother and throttle response was much improved.

The TRE will disable the top speed limiter on these Suzuki models:
2001 thru 2015 GSXR1000 and
2001 thru 2015 GSX1300R
This due to the fact that the ECM does not see the the top gear ignition map, which has an earlier rev-limiter.

The TRE will not allow your speedometer to read higher than the ECU will allow it to.

Our TRE product line is now discontinued

It's been a long road since 1999 and this product has had a very successful run for 17 years.

I wish to thank all my customers and dealers that have supported my business and this product.



TRE Application List

  • Suzuki models (SMART TRE) - DISCONTINUED

    GSX1300R Hayabusa - All Years
    GSXR-1000 - All Years
    2000 & up GSXR-750
    2001 & up GSXR-600
    TL1000R - All Years
    TL1000S - 1998 & up

    SV1000 - All Years  



    Kawasaki Models - DISCONTINUED

    2006 - 2015 ZX-14
    Increases power below 6000 rpm!

    Does not disable speed limiter
    Gets rid of part throttle timing retarder in lower gears.
    Allows 6th gear (fastest rate in stock ECU) sub-throttle plate opening rate.
  • Gear indicator will show "6" in any gear

    2006 & up ZX-14

    Requires sub-throttle plate removal & mapping for no sub-throttles.
    Gets rid of fuel shut-off on decell -
    This will allow smooth on/off throttle transitions and will get rid of the annoying pop when the throttle is reapplied.
    Gets rid of part throttle timing retarder in lower gears.

    Gear indicator will show "N" in any gear

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